2XL MX Offroad Review | Get to Know This Great Racing Game

2xl mx offroad review

Have you played 2XL MX Offroad before? I’m sure you never played it before because you are reading this article now LOL. So, in order to make you know about this game, I will give you 2XL MX Offroad review. In this review, I will give you some information about the gameplay, control, graphic and the good and bad things in this game.

2XL MX Offroad Review

Genre Racing Game
Publisher 2XL Games, Inc
Release Date 2011
Platform Android and iOS

About 2XL MX Offroad Gameplay

In this game, you will play a race on the offroad track by using the vehicles such as Motocross and ATV. The game is really exciting where you can compete in two different modes arcade and career and choose one of those two cool rides above. You will have the chance to play in a thrilling offroad race with so many tracks available. During a race, you will race in an eight person race and you have to become the fastest one to be the winner. You can also perform some tricks while flying in the sky. And when your rider get fallen from the ride, he will return to the last place where he was.

The Control

In 2XL MX Offroad game, you don’t have to accelerate your ride yourself because it will run automatically. You just need to tilt your device to turn your ride to the left or right. But, the brakes and the button to perform some tricks are available on the screen. And the control system is pretty good for me because it is quite easy to control the ride.

The Graphic

This game uses a 3D graphic with very nice details. The graphic is so smooth and the environment looks so real. You will love it when you see it yourself.

The Good

  • The gameplay is quite addictive
  • There are so many riders and rides
  • Realistic sound from the ride
  • Equipped with some nice stunts
  • Easy to control

The Bad

  • There are only two modes in this game
  • The game cannot be played online
  • The file size is quite big for an offline game
  • Need to buy the game full version after installing


This game is quite good although the need to buy the full version after installing will make you a little bit annoyed. But, if you really like to play an offroad racing game, this one is worth to be played. Okay, now I end this 2XL MX Offroad review, thank you for reading and let’s play!

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