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city mania tips

City Mania is surely a good game as we can build our very own city with our hands. There are so many players who fall in love with this game because of its addicting gameplay and graphics. But, many of them are confused how to get a good progress in this game. So here, we have some City Mania Tips that can help you to get rid of this problem. Now, read carefully and apply all of our tips after that.

city mania

Build More Houses

One of the reasons that many players cannot have a fast progress is because they do not know that building houses will really help. Building a lot of houses will make you easier to level up and unlock more new buildings and much more. But, you also need to make sure that you have enough space to do that. Surely, you do not want to have a city full of houses only, is not it?

Always Make Your Citizens Happy

In order to manage a good city, having happy citizens is really important because it can help you in creating a top city. As we know, a good city must be filled with happy citizens. That is why we need to make it happen by building some entertainments, services, and even the safety of all the citizens.

Do Not Forget to Expand the Storage

As you keep progressing and build many buildings in your city, you will also produce a lot of things which of course, need to be accommodated. And in order to accommodate all of those things, you will need a really big storage. Although it is not easy to expand the storage, we need to do it whenever possible so we can store more items and the other things.

Keep Producing Items

Producing a lot of items will make you progress faster in this game. Many items are produced from a raw material which then turned into a produced items. Then, the items that we have made can be used as the material to build some buildings. And in order to produce a lot of items, just produce the one which has a shorter time if you still playing this game and produce the one which has a longer time if you are about to log out from the game.

Expand Your City

The last tip that can help you keep progressing is by expanding your city. In the beginning, we just have a small area so we cannot place too many buildings. That is why expanding the areas of your city is really needed so we can build more building. And then, we can produce a lot of items which will help us to keep progressing.


Let us follow all the City Mania tips above if you really want to get a fast progress in this game. And if you want a better way, just try our City Mania Hack. You will get a lot of free Cash to your account. Then, you can build and make everything you want. So, do not forget to try!


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