5 DogHotel Tips that You Have to Keep in Mind

doghotel tips

Welcome to all DogHotel players. As we know that this game is quite easy to play but, some players still have some difficulties while playing it. That is the reason why we are ready to help you to have a better progress in this entertaining game by sharing some DogHotel tips that you really need to know. Then, without further ado, let us check out the tips below!

Complete the Missions

One of the best ways to earning more Costs is by completing as many missions as we can. And in order to clear the mission, we need to see the dogs card first to see what the dog need. Each dog will have a different need for the level of care such as education, hygiene, training, and etc.

Upgrade the Enclosure

doghotel enclosure

When we have reached level 5 in this game, we are allowed to start upgrading things. And from so many things that can be upgraded, we should upgrade the enclosure first before the others. By upgrading this one, we are able to take care of more dogs at once in our hotel which could lead to more Costs coming into our pocket.

Take Care of the Dogs Properly

doghotel feeding

As we receive the order to take care of the dogs then, we need to take care of them properly by giving them food, drink, brush them, and do what they need. Make sure that we do all of these things if we want to get the Costs as the reward.

Claim the Reward After Completing All the Missions

In this game, we have one day to fulfill the mission that has been given to us. And we can claim the reward only if we have fulfilled all of those missions. In order to claim the reward, we need to click the button which has a moon and stars on it to end the day and move forward to the next day. But, if we have not cleared the missions, we are not able to claim the reward.

Try This to Get Instant Costs

As we know that getting a lot of Costs is quite difficult especially when we have not unlocked all the enclosure to hold more dogs in our hotel. But, we do not need to worry anymore right now as we have a way to help you to get rid of this problem. Just try this DogHotel Hack immediately if you really want to get so many Costs into your game account. This hack tool has been proven and it already helps a lot of players so we do not need to worry about this one.


That is all the 5 DogHotel tips that you have to keep in your mind. So, may these tips can help you in playing this game and good luck!


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