5 Drive Ahead Tips and Tricks You Should Follow

drive ahead tips and tricks

Welcome to my website, guys. Today, in this article, I will give you some Drive Ahead tips and tricks. As we know, there are still so many players who have a difficulty while playing this game. And one of them must be you, isn’t it? But, don’t worry anymore because my tips below will help you to get rid of your problem.

Drive Ahead Tips and Tricks

Bigger Means Better

My first Drive Ahead tips is to use a bigger car. As you know that you can choose your own car to be used in the battle. You need to know that size does matter. Choosing a bigger car like the minibus or garbage truck will benefit you during the match. It will make it harder for your opponent to take down and crush you. And you can also cover more ground than the smaller car. It means that you can have a greater chance to land your car on your opponent’s head and make them crush into pieces. This is the Drive Ahead trick that you can use to help you win matches.

The Ramp Level for Easy Win

Actually, the game will choose the level for you randomly. But, you can do it on your own actually. And picking the ramp level is the best thing that you can do to win a match easily. I can say it is the easiest level to win. It is just an island with a bump in the middle.

Clear the Missions

There are several missions that you have to clear. It is aside from destroying the other player’s car. You will be given the other tasks that you can see before the game get started. Ang when you are able to complete the mission, you will be granted with some Coins. The missions are not too difficult to clear so make sure to see what should you do before you start the match.

Slot Machine, the Minigame

Playing the slot machine gives you the chance of getting new levels and vehicles. But, if you want to get a better odds, you should increase your bet. When the odds are dropping under the 80 percent, it is when you have to place more bet. If the odds have increased again, your chance of getting new levels and vehicles would be even greater.

Try This One

As you know, the Coin is the most important thing in this game. And in my last tips for Drive Ahead, I will share you Drive Ahead Hack Tool. It is the only answer that can help you who have a problem in collecting the Coins. You will get loads of Coins if you use it right now.

Follow all the tips from me above if you want to be better in playing this game. Thank you for reading Drive Ahead tips and tricks and good luck!


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