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airport city guide

Airport City is the best airport management game for mobile at this moment. This game has attracted many players attention because of its wonderful gameplay. Even so, some players are still confused to play it and as the result, their progress is held. That is why we give you our Airport City guide which can help you to get a better progress in this beautiful game.

Scatter Out Your Planes

airport city destination

When you have a lot of planes to be sent out, make sure that you do not send all of your planes to the same location because it will make you run out of fuel and passenger easily. And as the result, you cannot reload them all when they return. It would be better if we send the planes to a different location which has different fuel and passenger needed.

Allow the Guest Plane to Land in Our Airport

While playing this game, you will see some guest planes are requesting a permission to land in our airport. If you see this on the green radar, better you always allow them to land as they will give you some reward such as Coins, XP, and passengers. You can also get some additional items if you are lucky.

Do Not Waste Your Fuel

airport city fuel

If the fuel gauge is about to full when there is no plane to send out, better you use the fuel to speed up one of your planes. Make sure that you speed up the planes which need the least fuel or you will not have enough fuel when the other planes have arrived from duty. If you do not use the fuel, it will stop increasing when it has reached its maximum capacity.

Use This Cash Generator

If you are the type of person who likes something instant, you should use the Cash as this premium currency can fasten up things and buy some special things. But, you do not need to worry if you do not have enough of Cash because you can use this Airport City Hack right away. It is a generator tool which will help us in generating tons of Cash just for free. So, if you really want it then, you should use it now!


That is all for the Airport City guide that we can share for today. We are sure that your game progress will get better after you follow all of our guide above. So, if you still have some problems that we have not solved, you can ask us for it. Just leave your comments in the box below and we will give you an answer as soon as possible.


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