Anger of Stick 3 Battle Guide || The Effiecent Ways to Destroy Your Enemy!

anger of stick 3 battle guide

One of the greatest game on Play Store. Millions of people already played this game and their reaction is really satisfying. We are sure you are one of the fans of this. Here, we will make the game more popular through Anger of Stick 3 battle guide. This guide is perfect for beginner’s player who recently played it. Of course, a veteran player can also see it for references.

Battle Guide

Which one is better, Kick or Punch?

anger of stick 3 gameplay

The answer depends on your playstyle. If you want to play save, a kick is the best one because it is considered a long range attack. This one is effective if you find an opponent which uses punch combo. As you know, if you use the kick to attack the damage is not that destructive rather than punch. That is why we recommend you use both of them to execute the perfect combination and earn a better result at the end of the battle.

Beat the Long-range Enemy First

Ignore the close-range enemy. The most dangerous without a doubt is the long-range enemy because they can shoot you from afar. When you busy fight the melee one, your HP will decrease instantly because the enemy shoots at you from afar. That is why your top priority is the long-range enemy. It is the most dangerous one.

Stomp Attack

anger of stick 3 stomp attack

In order to unleash a stomp attack, you need to use the kick as your primary attack. After you unlock the stomp attack, you can use it at the end of kick combo. This is the powerful move which can destroy half of the enemy. But, if your combo interrupted by the enemy forces, you cannot execute the attack. That is why you need to be careful all the time. A quick avoid is necessary to unleash it.

Destroy all the Objects

We are sure at each stage you ever see a barrel or another object. We recommend you to destroy it in order to get power-up items. It will boost your status to destroy a horde of enemies. Even though you destroy all the object, it is not guaranteed you will get the items. So, in the end, it is about the luck factor.


That is the simple battle guide which you can follow to make your gameplay much easier. You do not need to feel stress about this game. If you find a way, every game is easy to play. Before we end it, we have a parting gift which is Anger of Stick 3 hack.


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