Anger of Stick 3 Beginner Tips || Follow the Tips to Become a Badass Player!

anger of stick 3 beginner tips

Stickman game come again. In the third installment, we still control the same stickman from before. Even though it still uses the same concept. Many gamers keep coming back to play this one again and again. It shows this game still have a lot of potentials. In order to make everyone love the game, even more, we already prepared Anger of Stick 3 beginner tips. If you have difficulties to pass each stage, our tips might help you to solve your problem completely.

Beginner Tips

Do a different combo

anger of stick 3 combo

In this game, you need to keep attacking non-stop in order to prevent the opponent attack you. That is why do not focus on one button only. For example, you only do a kick to your opponent. Of course, it is not a bad idea because you can reach some enemy which far from you. But, you need to control how to do a combo attack. This is a great idea to destroy your enemy completely before they can counterattack.

Use Your Gold Wisely

anger of stick 3 gold guide

You cannot forget how precious gold in this game. You only get gold at the end of the stage. Sometimes, you can get it on the chest if you are lucky. This currency is really important to upgrade your character abilities. Not only that but also you can buy new weapon or ammo. That is why do not waste it except in danger situation.

Rescue a Citizen

If you see a citizen on the stage, do not forget to rescue them. You can get an additional reward when finishing the stage. But, it is not easy as you think to help them. You must defeat a specific enemy before you can rescue them. But, it is worth to do. That is why open your eyes widely to see a missing citizen.

Connects to Social Media


For people who want to get extra gold. One of the methods is through social media account which is FB (Facebook). You need to remember, this one only works once. If you want the one which has a long-term use, click Anger of Stick 3 hack. You can get everything you need there. Of course, it is real and works like a charm.

Final Words

Honestly, this game is really though if you cannot play seriously. Do not insult this one because it only has a simple gameplay. But, if you need a help, our tips can help you immediately.


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