Angry Birds Blast Game Tips | An Easy Way to Refill Your Lives Immediately!

angry birds blast game tips

Rovio once again makes Angry Birds game to spread the popularity of this red birds. This time, the game is different from the usual one, Angry Birds Blast gameplay is similar to Candy Crush and the others matchmaking game. So, you already play this game? Or do you already become a pro in this game? If so, you need to see my Angry Birds Blast game tips. What tips will I give you, anyway? It about refills your lives without waiting for the countdown. Is it real? Of course, just see the tips below for further information about it.

Angry Birds Blast Game Tips to Get Free Lives

Time-Lapse Works

The Time-Lapse Works Fine in this Game. Do you remember you can’t do something in Candy Crush game about your lives? If so, you can do the same in this game. Just go to the setting menu, and adjust your time one hour forward to refill your energy. Of course, you need to match the countdown of lives refill in the game and match your time. Oh yeah, you can’t use it if your lives already full. The bug still works up until now, so, use it when you still have the chance!

Request Your Friend

The Second way to get lives is by request from your friends. You can tap the heart icon in the upper left corner. See “ Get Lives” icon? You need to tap it and ask your friend to give you the free lives. Of course, you need to choose the friend who already online. Oh yeah, not only friend in-game but also your Facebook friend. So, you can take advantages for both of them.

Use Your Gold

Use Gold! If you want an easy way to refill your lives, just sacrifice one gold to refill all the energy. But, you need to remember, gold is really precious in this game, and it’s very hard to get. Although you can get 25 gold by logging into Facebook, it only works once eventually.

My Own Secret Tips

The last tips from me, when your friend sends you a life, you need to accept it before you can get it or you can reject it when your lives are full. But, I recommend you when your friend you send free lives, you don’t need to accept it while your lives is full. Play the game until your lives only 3 or 2, after you complete the requirements, this is the right time for you to claim the free lives.

angry birds blast gameplay

That’s the Angry Birds Blast game tips that I want to give you about getting free lives. Is it helpful? If so, I’m really glad to hear it. If you have another question, don’t hesitate to write down your problem below. Oh yeah, actually, I still have one last tips for you, it’s about getting Angry Birds Blast free gold. Do you want to know about it? Just click this link “Angry Birds Blast Hack” If you already prepared, you can click the link to get free gold without paying anything. It’s like dream come true, right? Rejoice, guys!


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