Angry Birds Go Review || It is time for The Birds to Become a Racer!


Angry Birds game always surprised us. This time, the birds will race against their ultimate enemy, the green pig. If you want to know more about this, you need to play Angry Birds Go. But, if you doubt this game will be good, we already prepared a review about it. Just check it out to find all the information which you need about this matter.


The gameplay divides into many modes, such as race, time boom, fruit splash, and a boss battle. We will explain each of them for you.


angry birds go race

You will race against seven racers in this mode. To complete the stage, you need to finish in 1-3 rank. The special item also scatter around the stage to help you crush the enemy.

Time Boom

angry birds go time boom

This mode is quite challenging. Here, you need to avoid obstacles while you race. There is also a time bomb which explodes if you do not finish on time. It is quite difficult if you cannot dodge the obstacles.

Fruit Splash

angry birds go fruit splash

The objective in this race is to throw a fruit to the green pig. If you can empty the fruit bar before the finish line, you will win the race. When you throwing it to the pig, you will get the coins from it. If you are lucky, you will get the tremendous amount. Do not forget, the pig also throw the fruit onto you. Be sure you to avoid at all cost before hitting your car.

Boss Battle

There are two types of opponent you can choose from this mode. A real player or the green pig. You will race one on one and the first one who comes to the finish line is the winner. Also, the stage is much bigger than the normal one. We think this is the best mode to test your strength against another player.


There are big improvements over the graphics quality in this game. When usually it uses 2D graphics, Angry Birds Go changed it into 3D graphics. You will see the birds in the 3D form for the first time. We are sure it will have a great impact for all user who wants to play the game with better graphics.


This is a good racing game. Especially, if you like Angry Birds franchise. There are many modes you can try, you will not get bored easily. After you play it for a while, you will not forget the greatest sensation which this one offer.


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