Angry Birds Transformers Review || The Best Action game From Rovio


Angry Birds already received many critical acclaims thanks to the great gameplay. For you who already played it. We are sure you agreed with us. Here, Rovio wants to present you once again the latest Angry Birds game. This one is action game which featuring the birds in Transformers form. It will different like the usual game. What kind of gameplay which this one offer? Stay tuned to this website to find out the answer that you seek.


angry birds transformers gameplay

You do not need to worry, Angry Birds franchise will offer you a unique gameplay which you have never seen before. To cure your curiosity, all the information provide below can enrich your knowledge about this.

Story Chapter

angry birds story chapter

Once again Angry Birds game make a collaboration with another franchise. After satisfied with Star Wars series, this time is Transformers. On the story chapter, you will follow the funny stories of Angry Birds. The action genre is perfect to show the awesomeness of Transformers. Here, your birds will transform into a giant robot and beat the enemy with a melee attack or laser gun. To avoid the enemy attack, you can transform into vehicle form. Do not forget the special skill which you can unleash to beat the boss immediately. Each time you finish a certain chapter, you will face against a powerful boss.


angry birds transformers customization

In the beginning, your robot is still powerful. After a while you play this game, your robot will become weaker. In order to keep your robot being the strongest, you need always to maintain it or also known as customizing. You can upgrade your gun and increase your character’s status. Of course, the cost will increase each time you begin the upgrade.

Daily Quest

This game also features a daily quest system. Each time you finish it, you will get a reward. Do not forget to check it out everytime to see a new quest. If you cannot finish it directly, you need to redo from the beginning. That is quite annoying.

The Characters

Actually, we do not need to tell you this information. Some of you must already know Angry Birds game always use the same birds. As for this game is still the same. The red birds become Optimus Prime, the leader of Autobots. For the Yellow Bird becomes Bumblebee. How about the rest? You need to find out by yourself.

Graphics Quality

It uses 3D graphics. As for the quality, you do not need to doubt it. The details of every bird are outstanding. It will not damage your eyes from seeing it. The design of the robot is also gorgeous. It fits perfectly into the bird’s character.

Final Thought

For the fans of Angry Birds game, playing this one is needed. You will find something different than the usual game. For the first time when we saw this game on the internet, the gameplay is quite dull. Our mind changed after we know how awesome this one. That is all about Angry Birds Transformers review.


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