The Archers 2 Tips || Check out the Useful Tips Before the Battle Begin!

the archers 2 useful tips

This game is really unique and fantastic because use a stickman as a model character. If you want to become an archer, this is the only game which can grant your wishes. You will learn all about archery in this game. Of course, for the first time, this game is quite hard to play because you do not have any information regarding archery. Rest assured, we already created The Archers 2 tips to help all of you especially about the battle in this game.

Useful Tips

Attack the Enemy First

We know in order the arrow hit the opponent you need to aim carefully. Ignore that method and shoot randomly to create a distraction. Do it repeatedly and it will distract the opponent to shoot at you. Do not need to worry, the shoot from the opponent is guaranteed miss because they get distracted by your flying arrows. After that, you can aim carefully to decrease the opponent HP to zero.

Do a Headshot

the archers 2 headshot

If you want to win quickly, aim for the headshot is the best thing. Of course, it is not easy as you think. You need to aim correctly in order to hit the opponent’s head. Remember, you need to have a good distance to unleash the headshot. That is why you need to take a few step back from your opponent. If the opponent follows you, just use the tips above to distract their concentration.

Never Dodge the Enemy’s Arrow

Do not waste your time to dodge enemy arrow because it is futile. Just focus counterattack your enemy attack. But, if you think the enemy aim for your head, you must dodge it at all cost. If you still take the risk you will face game over screen soon. Keep attacking to destroy the enemy quickly is the best thing about this.

Inflict Maximum Damage

the archers 2 maximum damage

For you who cannot aim for the headshot, we have another tip which you can follow. There is some spot which you can attack to inflict maximum damage. There are two such as stomach and chest. Be sure to hit that spot if you want to play safe rather than you aim for the head.

Final Words

Okay guys, you already know how to battle efficiently thanks to The Archers 2 tips. If you still have a problem, just write it down below in the comment section. We really appreciate if you can do that. For the last one, you can use The Archers 2 hack in order to get the main currency which is coins. Do not need to worry, this one is real and working perfectly.


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