Arena Masters Best Hero Guide, How to Build a Powerful Team!

arena masters best hero guide

Arena Masters is the best game ever. There are million people who play this game and they are falling in love with what this game has. However, there is an obstacle for new players as they could not know what is the best heroes in Arena Masters. They have no idea about what hero they should use.

Today, we would like to show you Arena Masters best heroes guide and we can ensure this can help you to know what hero should be joined to your team.

The first one, you have to know your role. There are 3 roles in this game, defense hero, attack hero, and support hero. Make sure, you know what you love for. Then you can choose it.

After you understand what role you can play, you have to choose what hero should be used. For attacking hero, we recommend Ryoku and Pyros as to control the hero is not hard such as others.

Then, if you love playing with defense hero, you can choose Axie and Nori. Those heroes are the easiest among others. If you are new in this game. You can use them to help you understand about Arena Masters at first.

The last one is supporting hero which is the most important role to help your team. There are Oz and Ren. You can choose these heroes to be your one but you have to learn their skill firstly.

The Best Hero Among Others

Now, we are going to discuss this as general. So, we will not talk about the hero type. After concluding from many factors. We can say that the best hero in Arena Masters are Pyros as it is easy to use and its ability is so freaking killer. If you would like to be the MVP in this game. Then you can go with Pyros.

Pyros is the strongest hero as both attacks and defend are balanced. Then, his deadly attack can kill your opponent with several hits. That is why everyone tends to use this hero in the game.

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Alright, I think that is all, what we can share with you about the best hero in Arena Masters. Hopefully, our share can be useful for you especially to someone who does not know how to play this game and a little bit confuse with choosing their favorite hero. Just keep in your mind, you have to choose what role would you like to play. Teamwork is the most important thing, do not be so egoistic.


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