Arena Masters Quick Level Up Guide || The Best Way to Gain Level in this Game!

arena masters quick level up guide

At the first glance, this game is really easy when leveling up the characters. Okay guys, that only apply for the first time you play the game. If you already reached level 18-20, the Experience points you get will decrease. We do not know why the developer does it. But, you do not need to worry about that because we already find a way out. Read Arena Masters quick level up guide!

Challenge Mode

arena masters challenge quest

Even though this one is quite hard, it is worth your time to do it. Not only you get the rare item but also the EXP which you obtain at this stage is superb. And it cost a lot of energy. For beginner player, they can only enter twice because of the energy cost. As for the advanced player, they can use item which replenishes the energy. We remind you to prepare everything you need for the items and character’s equipment before begins the challenge mode.


This is the first time we heard when you battle other players you can get free EXP. Unfortunately, you cannot choose which opponent you want to fight. Remember, if you meet the lower level opponent, you also get a fewer EXP. Do not feel scared when you find OP (Overpowered) opponent because it is a good thing to get the huge EXP even though you lose the battle.

Daily Quest

arena masters daily quest

Do not forget a mission or daily quest which you can do everyday. It also provides free EXP if you complete the quest. Of course, not all of them give free EXP. Sometimes, the reward only a special item. That is why if you see a free EXP as the reward, complete the objective right away. Because if you wait until tomorrow the quest will get reset and you will find different reward.


Use an EXP pots really helpful in a game like this. Of course, you can only obtain it on the random stage. We recommend you collect it until you have a certain amount. Just use this item for the character you use frequently. Because if you level up random character which you do not use it is only waste of time.


That is the 4 ways to level up your characters quickly in this game. It is not really hard to level up your character, right? Before we say goodbye, we have the special offer which you can use to obtain the main currency. Click Arena Masters hack for further information.


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