Beat the Boss 4 Tips and Trick That All Gamers Should Know in the Game!

beat the boss 4 tips and trick

Do you have a grudge against your boss? If so, you can unleash it in this game. But, this game is not easy as you think. You need some strategy to easily play this game. The weapon also becomes the important part in this game to progress even further. Now, without further ado, I will give you Beat the Boss 4 tips and trick that all of you need to know about the game.

Beat the Boss 4 Tips and Trick

How to Beat the Boss in the Beginning

beat the boss 4 gameplay

For the first time, you encounter the boss you will see a force field. You need to break the force field in order to hurt the boss. Of course, it’s not easy, but I have the recommendation for the weapon. Don’t use a gun or another ranged attack. Use melee type attack to quickly break the force field.

beat the boss 4 weapon

Choose the Weapon That You Usually Use to Upgrade it

The cost upgrades your weapon is really high. That’s why I recommend you to choose the best one and upgrade it to the max to get the maximum damage. Oh yeah, you also need to balance the weapon use, from the melee and ranged.

Collect Your Material As Much As Possible

Not all weapon you can get by beating the stage or buy in the shop. Some of them need to be crafted. And if you want to acquire the legendary weapon, you need to take advantages of the crafting system. But, it’s really hard to get the material, especially, the rarer one, that’s why if you get it by luck factor, please keep it until the right moment.

It’s Not Required to Buy Hearts

You don’t need to worry when you don’t hearts left. There are two ways to restore the hearts. First one is buying the hearts in the shop. The second way is by defeating the boss. So, which one will you choose? As for me, I will choose to beat the boss rather than you buy it with the money of yours.

beat the boss 4 free diamonds

Get Free Diamonds, Is It Possible?

In this game, you can get diamonds quite easily. Just watch the videos and claim your free diamonds. The others method that you can do is by using my secret method, just click this link Beat the Boss 4 Hack Tool. Here, you will get redirected to get Beat the boss 4 free diamonds. You don’t even need to pay it, in other words, it’s for free. So, just enjoy it guys!


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