The Best Angry Birds Games You Probably Haven’t Tried

Best Angry Birds Games

We all know that there are so many Angry Birds games on the Play Store. Sometimes, we got really confused which to play because of the hundreds of choices. But, bigger numbers doesn’t always good. Only some of the games that are really great and worth to play. Today, I want to give you some recommendations for the best games of Angry Birds. See the full list below.

4 Best Angry Birds Games So Far

1. Angry Birds (The Classic)

Angry Birds Classic

When a game has been evolved into so many spin-offs, the first game or we can call the classic one is always the best. The classic Angry Birds is I think the best one in the series. Why? Because it is a pure strategy game where you must calculate your trajectory to defeat all the pigs.

2. Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars

The reason why this one spin-off is successful is that they use Star Wars theme for the game. This one is unique because of the theme and the gameplay. The gameplay is a fight between the light side and the dark side. Of course, you probably know that the light side is the birds and the dark side is the pigs.

3. Angry Birds Go

Angry Birds Go

When we thought this series will only stop at the puzzle-strategy game, you were wrong. This one is a racing game. It’s funny how an Angry Birds game becomes a wacky racing game between the birds and the pigs. There are various power-ups you can use while you are racing to stop your opponent.

4. Angry Birds Blast

Angry Birds Blast

If you think they will stop at the racing game, you were wrong again. This one is a balloon-popping puzzle game. Your job is to pop all the balloons with the birds inside and you also need to defeat all the pigs while solving the puzzle. This game is similar to Candy Crush Saga, even with the same Lives, and power-ups system. If you lose your lives are decreased. And if you running out of power-ups you need to buy it with Gold. I suggest, if you want to get Gold and buy power-ups, you should use Angry Birds Blast hack tool. That is the easy way getting Gold in the game.


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