Blades of Brim Guide || The Best Ways to Spend Essence!


Essence is the main currency of this game. And surprisingly it is really easy to get. We are sure all of you do not have any problem regarding this. But, do you know the efficient ways to spend your Essence? If the answer is no, just see the Blades of Brim guide. All your problem will go away immediately.

Essence Guide

Here, we will tell you anything that you need to do with this currency. See the list below for more information.

Buy a Booster

The first thing you need to do is buy a booster. This is a useful item which boosts your progress. The most useful one is Midas Touch, it can freeze your enemy. So, just bump the enemies and it will get destroyed immediately. Also, get the one which can give you extra lives. Believe it or not, it is really helpful when you are in a pinch. Usually, it cost around 2-3 essence depends on the booster function.

Purchase Heroes

blades of brim character

Even though you can unlock it through leveling up your account but there is one way which uses the essence. We know really well the heroes power in this game are same. There is a reason why you need to collect it. It will enhance your score when you destroy an enemy.

Unlock Specific Weapon

blades of brim weapon

For your reminder, there is some weapon which you can unlock by using essence only. You do not need to ask what kind of power you will get from this one. Of course, it will be awesome guys. As for the cost, it will drain almost all your currencies. We recommend you do that to obtain the great effects of it.


blades of brim pet

The Pet system in this game is really great. There is a great trick if you want to avoid a game over screen. Before you fall off from the cliff or bump the enemy, just summon your pet. Because when you summoning it, you will become invincible for 3 seconds. Use this chance to avoid all the dangers. We do not have any pet recommendation, just choose the one which inflicts all the magic skill to the opponent.


Now, you already know how to use the essence efficiently. Soon enough, you will become the master in this game immediately. We are sure this is all the hope of every player in the game. Thanks for sticking to our guide to the end. Hopefully, you will get everything you need in this game.


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