Block Story Survival Guide that You Have to Learn!

Block Story Survival Guide

We all know to play Block Story is not easy as we thought. There is some difficult situation where we need to survive from anything in the game. Our mission is to stay survive as long as we can with our tribes but to do that we have to do many things.

Before we are going to the real guide. What would you like to learn in order to survive from Block Story world? Are you going to find the best mate that always accompany you anywhere you go? Please keep in mind, you could not get any friend in this game except they are your real friend.

Now, we are going to make a great list that you have to READ!

  1. Build your base from the small one then you can do an improvement at noon to make it bigger. At the first time, you must have the suitable place to survive.
  2. Do not forget to farm in order to get foods. Remember! you have to create your own farm then you can harvest it to fulfill your hungry level.
  3. Prepare foods for the first time, you can go hunting in order to get foods but make sure you keep your food stock before you are going to do anything.
  4. Do not do long adventure from your base, you might be lost. Create a compass at first to lead the way to go home.
  5. Always keep your eyes while it is on a night because some creatures could kill you.
  6. Buy diamonds if you really want to play safe and save your time. Anyway, we also offer Block Story hack that it can help you to get free diamonds.

Block Story Night Mode

Alright, that is all that you have to keep on your first journey. We sure that it would be very helpful for anyone who wants to start their adventure on Block Story game. Do not forget to do the last tips given above. It is the most important part that everyone must implement on their first play.


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