Chaos Chronicle Battle Guide || Follow Our Steps and Win the Battle Easily!

chaos chronicle battle guide

If you have difficulties to win a battle in this game, this is the right time you look at our Chaos Chronicle battle guide. Here, we give you useful information how to become the best fighter in the game. Be sure to read it thoroughly in order to understand the guide. You do not need to worry, we made it really simple so everyone can understand the complicated mechanism in the game.

Skill Canceled System

chaos chronicle skill cancel

Here, we will teach you how to avoid a skill without depending on the luck. The enemies in this game is really annoying especially when they use a skill. The damage of the skill is really tremendous. That is why the game implemented a skill canceled system. Before the enemy can unleash their skill, you will see some kind of aura for a while. If the skill almost ready, you can see an exclamation mark above their head, quickly tap your skill also to cancel the enemy skill. You need to tap quickly when the exclamation appears to cancel it.

Use One Target Skill

There are two types of skill in this game. The first one is a skill which inflicts damage to multi-enemies and the last one for one enemy. In this case, we recommend choosing one target skill. The reason is quite simple because of the higher damage and the hit rate is higher. Of course, multi-target skill is also useful when you fight against weak enemies. In a boss fight, just use the one target skill to deal devastating damage.

Do not Choose Auto-Battle

chaos chronicle gameplay

For people who lazy to order their character, they will use this function frequently. But, in this game we prohibit you to choose this method. It is not really effective and your character can die easily by the AI mistake. If you do not want to waste your energy, just control your character manually. Do not to be so hasty, the important one your character can survive and you get the good rewards in battle.

Balanced Your Party

Each party needs to have a role. For us, we have a healer, tanker, magician, and fighter. As for the position, fighter, and tanker in the front. And the rest in the back. Do not choose a random character because it has good looks. But you need to look at the role and abilities. For example, include a magician in your party in case some enemies immune to physical damage is a good idea. Also, a tanker which can withstand a huge damage for your party. Last but not least, the healer who keep your characters alive. Do not let this savior die easily!


That is the simple guide you can follow. We are sure it will solve all your problem in this game quickly. Also, we have secret service for you. What is it? You can get unlimited rubies with Chaos Chronicle hack. If you have difficulties to obtain it, do not forget to click the link!


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