Chaos Chronicle Characters Guide || Choose the Best one Immediately!

chaos chronicle characters guide

Chaos Chronicle is a fantastic RPG. We are sure many people who already played the game agreed with us. The battle system really engaging and you can complete a variety of quest. But, we found a little problem in the game. It is about the character. You can meet tons of characters which are really great. But, in the end, you will confuse which one is the best and how to increase their status. Here, we have Chaos Chronicle characters guide which can help you about the characters in this game.

Character Selection

In the first guide, we will begin to choose the best fighter. Do not only looks at their status but also the ability. Even though it has the better status it does not mean you will win the battle easily. If your character has a good skill, you can also become the winner. Below are some characters which we used in the game.


chaos chronicle masha

What we like from this character is the double speed skill. This is a great skill which increases your attack speed. So, everytime this hero attack, there is a high chance to land a double attack in one hit.


chaos chronicle karin

The healer on your team. The best thing about this character not only about healing but also her passive skill. If your another character uses a skill, it can decrease the cooldown of Karin skill by half. This is the best ability for the healer. Because of that, she can heal all party member quickly.


chaos chronicle arvento

This character is a bit risky. But if you meet an enemy with tons of HP, this is the best character which can do the job correctly. If you decide to use Arvento, you need to bring a lot of healing item. Because his skill will decrease a lot of HP, but the damage will increase dramatically as the result.


It is a symbol which you can attach to your character. The function will let your character power-up. There are six slots of the crest. Do not forget to attach all of it to your character. We are sure you will get a strong character from it.

Enhance Your Equipment

Another way to make your character stronger without a doubt it enhance the equipment. Most people must already know about this but they tend to ignore it because of the currency. Do not need to worry about it, we can help you to refill the currency right away. Is it possible? The answer is yes. Just click Chaos Chronicle hack right away.

Final Words

Now, all users do not need to confuse when choosing the characters and how to make them stronger than before. Last but not least, keep trying if you do not find your best character.


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