Chaos Chronicle Review || What Makes this Game Becomes The Best RPG?

chaos chronicle review

We are sure you must hear about this game already. Chaos Chronicle is one of the greatest RPG game which releases exclusively for the smartphone. You will not find this game on another console. So, what makes this one different from another RPG game on the mobile device? As we know, RPG mobile tend to offer the same gameplay. For example when in the battle mode, you only watch it because it is done automatically. Okay guys, for further information about this, see the Chaos Chronicle review below.


chaos chronicle gameplay

As you can guess the gameplay same like usual RPG game on mobile. You choose four characters as the party member. You can equip a weapon to your character and make them stronger. Like always in order to get the powerful one, you need to summon with main currency. In this case, this game use rubies as the main one.  There are many modes you can try from Raid, PvP, and Story Chapter. We do not need to tell you because we can guess you already know what it is.

What Makes this Game Different From Another RPG on Mobile

Active Skill

chaos chronicle skill

We already know very well in the smartphone RPG you need to tap the skill button to unleash it. But, this game evolves it and you can select the target after tap the skill button. So, it will not choose the target randomly.

Counter Attack

You can also perform a counterattack if you see an exclamation mark above the enemy head. Your timing must match perfectly. In order to unleash it, after you see the mark quickly tap the skill button to cancel the enemy skill. If you manage to deal the counter-attack, your attack damage will increase as the compensation.


This one is a great feature which we really like. In this game, you can choose lord or a leader for your party member. Each lord has a different buff skill. Also, If your lord dies during battle, you will lose the battle automatically. That is why you need to have a good plan to protect your own lord.

The Graphics

As for the graphics, it is nothing special. It is used 2.5D graphics. In other words, it is like a semi 3D graphics. The details are quite good, we are sure you like it very much. The effect when you unleash the special skill also awesome to see.

Final Thoughts

As for the fans of RPG game, we really satisfied with this one. We give 80 as the score. This game is not that bad as you think. You can enjoy this one unlike another RPG on the smartphone. Also, you can use Chaos Chronicle hack to make things easier when you play the game.


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