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little commander tips

Many people know about the tower defense strategy game named Little Commander. The game is really entertaining as it takes place in a world war II. Actually, the game is really simple where we just need to place the towers (which also means the troops) along the line protect our base from the approaching enemies. But, some players are still struggled in protecting their base. That is why we create this Little Commander tips to help you. Without further ado, let us take a look at the tips below!

Be Smart in Positioning the Towers

little commander towers positioning

The first thing that we must pay attention to while playing this game is to be smart in placing the towers. We have to make sure that we place them in the right position. As an example, we need to take advantage of a corner of the line. Placing a tower in the corner is really helpful as they will have a longer shooting chance because the enemies have to go around that tower. If we place them on the straight line, they will have a shorter chance to shoot. So, at the beginning of the game, it would be better to fill the corners with towers first.

Do Not Place the Same Towers Along the Line

This is the most common mistake which done by a lot of players. It is also the reason of why they often lose while defending their base. In this game, there are so many kinds of enemies that will try to penetrate our base. And each enemy has a different weakness to a tower. Since our towers cannot give a big damage to all kinds of enemies, we need to spread them along the line. This is the most effective way to win all the waves on a stage.

Upgrade the Towers

As we already know that there are so many waves on each stage. And each wave the enemies are getting stronger which means they are harder to get beaten. That is why we need to upgrade our towers so they can turn into a better killing machine. As we upgrade them, their appearance will change, bigger than before and inflict more damage to the enemies. So, when the line is filled with towers already and the enemies are harder to be killed, it means that it is the time for us to upgrade them all.

Remember to Spend the Upgrade Points

little commander upgrade points

Beside of the upgrade during the battle, we can also upgrade our towers attack power and combat range in the armory. In order to do it, we have to gain Upgrade Points first which we can obtain by completing a stage. Each time we complete a stage, we will get a certain amount of Upgrade Points. The level that we can upgrade is different from one tower to another. Some can be upgraded up to level 20, some others up to level 30 and even 40. So, it will take a long time until we can reach the max level of all towers.


Alright, we have shared all the Little Commander tips that we know. Hopefully, all the tips above will be very useful and can help you to improve your game progress. And if you want to know the fastest way to get the Upgrade Points, we know one trick that you may like. Here, visit this Little Commander Hack link immediately. You will find a generator tool which will help you to generate loads of it in a very short time.


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