Chit Chat City Review, What a Great Social Game!

chit chat city review

Do you love a social game? What do you think about Chit Chat City or known as CCC? This one is a really outstanding game where it has been played by million people. All players are mostly teenagers who want to have a social life.

In this game, we can socialize with other players from around the world. If you are familiar with social networking such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google Plus. This one is totally different as we can meet people from around the world then we can hang out together in the game.

There are also some aspects that we would like to tell you. You may refer to the information below.

VIP Room

In this section, we can meet other people or we can say cool people in the game as they have the invitation to join VIP room. Only players who have good outfit can be invited to this game.


chit chat city outfit

We can customize our character’s outfit whether we can purchase it or ask for free from other players. If you would purchase them, then you need to have gold in your account. Do not worry, if you do not have enough money to buy the gold then you may refer to our Chit Chat City hack.

Engage with Others

chit chat city friends

This is the unique feature that this game has. We will feel a really great atmosphere if we play this game as we can engage with others. We can add them to friends, family or even couple. That depends on your own desire.

Create Your Own Party

chit chat city party

Have you ever held a party then you invite all your friends to join up your party? If you have not, you may realize it at Chit Chat City as we can create our own party then we can invite all our friends into the room. Let us do hang out together with them all. However, you need unlimited gold in order to do this as it may take some of your gold to be spent.

Join into Global World

Here, we can join with all players from around the world. We can send a friend invitation, hang out and so on. This is the best part that you have tried if you play CCC.

Own Your Own House

chit chat city house

We can own a house in this game then we can decorate all the stuff we need. There is no limitation on the decoration itself as long as we have much gold in our account.

Alright, I think that is all, what we can share with you about Chit Chat City review. This game is really worth to play as we can do almost everything in this game. The best part of all, we can engage with other.


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