City Mania Game Guide, How to Manage Your City Properly

City Mania Guide

City Mania is the best game ever. Many players love playing this game because of its complexity where we can learn how to manage our city much better. We have discussed juice guide before. Now, we will tell you how to manage your city.

To manage your City, at least you have to understand how this game works. We have compiled it into a really great guidance where you can find it below.

Production Guide

This is the most important part to get raw material in the game, then we can process it into produced material where it can help us to build our houses. This is the most important part as if you skip this one then your city growth would be slowed.

Bizzies Guide

Here, you have to manage your bizzies properly. Do a fair way to increase their level because they all are very useful to build our city. Especially, if we need to send them into a city mission where they could give us some rewards.

House Building Guide

When you build your house, you must give extra space where it can be used for public facilities like as police, fire department, and so on. Make sure you also place park near your houses as it can increase your citizen happiness.

Sell and Buy Items

This one is also important in this guide but you can whether do or do not do this. Selling item is really important as we can earn coins into our account. Besides that, buying an item is also helpful to upgrade our houses. Just make sure, you always visit the market. If you find something that is profitable then you can buy that. You can also sell it at a higher price.

Cash Guide

Playing City Mania should understand how to spend your cash properly. If you spend it without considering its function then you are just wasting your cash but we have a great solution to whom who want to get cash to their account. You may refer to City Mania hack. We have shared it before.

I think that is all that we can share with you about this City Mania guide. We hope you this article can be useful for you while playing this game. Do not forget to follow all the steps above such if you want to manage your city better than before.


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