City Mania Juice Guide, How to Get Juice to Upgrade Your Bizzies!

city mania juice guide

Do you play City Mania and have a trouble of getting juice to upgrade your Bizzies? Do not worry about this as IGOGAM will show you a City Mania Juice Guide that is easy to follow and this one is the most powerful method to get juices in an easy way.

Talking about juice, that is the important thing in this game as if our Bizzies in high level. Then they will have many traits which could be helpful to manage our city such as increasing production slot, decreasing production time, removing house’s needs and so on.

Alright, here we go. We will list how to get juice into City Mania game. You have to read this carefully as this guide will not work if you do not follow it properly.

Send Your Bizzies on a Mission

city mania bizzies

This is the most important part of playing this game. We have to send our bizzies on a mission so then, they could give hundreds juice for us. Not only juices, but we will also get other rewards such as coins, cash, and other stuff to help us manage our city.

Make sure, you manage all your bizzies very well because it does not take a long time to do a mission. It comes from various time which is from 8-10 mins. You can wait and when they have done with their mission, you can send them to another mission but you have to make sure your Bizzie’s level fit the mission’s level.

Producing Juice on Factory

We will have juice factory on our first play. The tutorial also guides us how to produce juice in order to upgrade our Bizzies. Unfortunately, if you are at a low level. Then you can only produce a few juice but the producing time is really short.

We have a great tip if you want to produce juice at your factory. If you have time to play, then you can choose the smallest one as it will be done in a short time. It is better to produce a small amount than a big amount but it requires a long time to finish.

Do the Mission!

Here are the extra steps you can do to get more juices. We can earn up to 3-10k juices from a single mission. It means if you do all the mission, then you can earn up to dozen thousands juice into your account but the mission comes from a various version where you need to upgrade your house, sell your stuff, buy a product, and so on. You can check the mission list to make sure what mission which will give juice as the reward.

Hopefully, this City Mania guide can help you to get juice into your account. If you would, you can also buy juice with cash where you need to buy it with your money. BUT! Hold on, you can read our City Mania hack to get free cash into your account. You can conquer this game within a day if you have unlimited cash.


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