Clicker Heroes Guide || The Best Way to Obtain Relics!


How is your progress in Clicker Heroes? Do you have any difficulties to move forward because of the enemy? If so, you need an item called relics. This one is quite rare to get if you do not know the best way to earn it. After you obtained it you will feel an outstanding power on your character. Without further ado, just check out the information below.

Relic Mob

clicker heroes relic mob

If you past Zone 100, you will meet Relic Mob and he will drop a relic. The rarity depends on your stage. The higher the stage, it will increase the rarity of the item. You need to be ready because Relic Mob can appears without any prior notice. Before you move to the next stage, you need to take a look on your surrounding first. After that click the mob relic icon and It will drop the relic randomly. If you are unlucky you will get the bad one for sure.

Mercenary Missions

clicker heroes mercenary missions

If you are having a hard time collect relics through relic mob, just finish mercenary mission right away. It is easier actually rather than you wait for the relic mob to appear. You will get a rare relic everytime you completed the missions. Everytime you see the new one, just finish it immediately. Each Mercenary missions have a time limit. Grab it while you still have the chance.

Sacrifice Your Rubies

clicker heroes relic rubies

Another way is by sacrificing your rubies on the shop. You need 40 rubies to get three relics. Of course, it all depends on your luck. We think it is worth to spend your main currency. This is an instant way for all of you who want to get it quickly. Also, it is futile if you leave your tremendous rubies like that, why do not use it to become stronger?

Special Log-in Bonus

Sometimes from the log-in bonus, you will get a powerful relic. If you are a good gamer, do not miss this great chance. At least once per month, this special log-in will appears. Do not need to worry, the developer of this game really kind. They will help all players in needs.


A key to victory in this game is the relic. In order to beat the boss and become the best player, this item really needed. What do you think of Clicker Heroes guide? Is it helpful for you to get the relic? If so, let the hunt begin right away


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