Clouds and Sheep Tips | 5 Useful Tips for All Beginners

clouds and sheep tips

Looking for Clouds and Sheep tips? Then, you have come to the right place because we are going to share some tips that can help you in taking care of your sheeps. The tips here are really useful for every player especially for the beginners who just starts to play it. So now, that is enough for the chit-chat, and let us start to see the tips that we have provided just for you.

Always Make Your Sheep Happy

Make the sheep happy is really important as they will gain us more stars and it is easy to do. We just need to pull its tail and throw them to the sky. Maybe it is a little bit weird but, that is how we make them happy. And make sure that you do this to all of your sheeps. If you do not, they will feel bad.

Take Care Your Sheep Properly

clouds and sheep food

Make sure that you take care all of your sheep properly by giving them enough food and drink. For the food, we can get it by planting more grass seeds which then, will grow to become a fresh grass. Then, to fulfill the sheep’s need for the drink, we can combine some small clouds to make it bigger and it will release the rainwater.

No Need to Buy a New Sheep

clouds and sheep date

There is no need for us to buy a new sheep as we can produce it by pairing two sheep, a male, and a female. If it succeeds, there will be a big heart flying into the cloud. If the heart is touching the cloud then, a new sheep will appear. And in order to get a bigger chance of success, we need to plant some flowers so the sheep will become more romantic and make them willing to go on a date.

Clear the Missions to Get More Stars

As we know that the Stars is really important as it is used to get some items or buy some new sheep. And one of the fastest ways to get the Stars is by clearing the missions. There are some missions that we can clear in this game and each of the mission will give us some Stars for free.

Get Free Stars Here

The last tip is the way to generate the Stars as many as we want. There is one way that can help you to get that, it is by using Clouds and Sheep Hack. We have tried it before and amazingly, we do not need to pay at all. Yeah, it is free although we use it for many times. So, do not forget to give it a try after this!


That is all the Clouds and Sheep tips that we can share. We are sure that if you follow all of our tips, you can take care of your sheep better than before. So now, let us try those tips and do not forget to always visit our website igogam to get more game tips, guide, review, and etc.


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