Clouds and Sheep Tips || Take Care Your Sheep Effectively!

clouds and sheep tips

This game reminds us of Tamagotchi. Your activity mostly takes care the sheep. Of course, not only that but also you can play with them. If you touch them, they will respond to you. If you want to nostalgic about Tamagotchi, this is a great game which can satisfy you. To make it greater, you can follow Clouds and Sheep tips to take care your beloved sheep.

Touch a Perfect Spot On Your Sheep

clouds and sheep date

It means you need to touch a perfect spot in order increase your sheep affection. For example, if you touch their tail, the affection will increase drastically. Each sheep have different favorite spots you can touch and give you full affection points in return. Be sure to find the perfect one. If you manage to find it, you will see a heart shape pop-up from your sheep.

Refill Your Foods Each Day

If you cannot play this game for a while, do not forget to refill the food of your sheep. If you cannot give the food on time, the affection of your sheep will decrease. Of course, you want to keep your virtual pet in a great condition. If the affection gets worst, they will act on their own and get sick easily. Take care you sheep like you love your real animal.

clouds and sheep gameplay

Breeding System

If you want to get more sheep, do not buy it. Just use the breeding system. Here, you need to combine male and female sheep to get a new one. Of course, the gender of the sheep you obtain is random. So, do not get your hope high. If you do not have enough stars, this is a good way to obtain a sheep to make your field lively.

Decorate Your Field

Do not forget to decorate your field diligently. Actually, you will have a great effect on your pets. If you manage to decorate the field romantically, your sheep will date with the opposite sex. This one only happens if you have the different gender. If the sheep success to date, you can get a new baby sheep as the result.

Final Words

That is the perfect ways to take of your sheep. If you still have a lot of questions regarding this matter, you already know what you must do. Last but not least, you can use Clouds and Sheep hack to help you get the main currency of the game. If you prepare to take a risk, open it immediately and use our generator.


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