Colossatron Tips and Tricks To Get Prisms Easily | Learn Here

Colossatron Tips and Tricks

There isn’t much game about being a monster and bring havoc to the city as much as you can. Only on Colossatron, the game from Halfbrick you can do such thing. It’s a game about being a giant dragon monster who comes from the space to bring death and destruction to a city. If you play this game, then you have the same taste of destruction like I do. But, do you want to know some Colossatron tips and tricks to help you more in the game?

At some point, this game would be very hard because the military will stop you at all cost with their advanced military weapons. Prism is all that you need to keep your Colossatron alive while you destroy the city. If you want to know some easy way to earn Prism, I can give that to you below.

Colossatron Tips and Tricks For Easy Prisms

Colossatron Gameplay

1. Connecting Your FB

The first easy way earning free Prisms in Colossatron is to connect your Facebook account. Once you connect it, you will be granted with some good amount of Prism.

2. Inside The Gameplay

Pay attention when you destroy the city, there can be one or two Prisms just flying around waiting to be collected by you. To collect it in the middle of gameplay, you need to drag them to your Colossatron, and it will be merged. Just as I said, pay attention in the middle of the destruction.

3. Buy Some Prism Package

If you almost give up with all the tips above, you can buy it with your cash and you get the Prisms instantly. The game offers you some packages from the cheapest to the most expensive one. But my friends, if you’re willing to take the risk, I recommend you to use Colossatron hack tool. It’s the best way you can do if you are so desperate. But do it at your own risk.

So, all those are some of the Colossatron tips and tricks you can try to earn some Prism for free. Depend on you which tips to follow.


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