Common Reason Why Battle For The Galaxy Does Not Be Popular Game

Battle for The Galaxy

Are you playing Battle for The Galaxy right now? Do you know the reason why this game is not a popular game at this time? The reason is quite simple, that is because the developer really forces their user to buy crystals from the in-app purchase and of course it can be a monopoly thing in this game.

What is Battle For The Galaxy?

If you do not know about this game. We will explain a little brief about this game. So, Battle For The Galaxy is a strategy game where it looks like Clash of Clans or other game which similar to that one. Our mission is to build our base as strong as we can until no one can raid us even destroy all our buildings.

Why There Are No Many Players in The Game?

After we have done talking about this one. Let us jump out why this game still has no many players in the game. Our first impression while playing this game. It is a really great game at all. We love the graphics and also the unique thing that this game had. Unfortunately, to build our base we have to serve our time a lot. If you want to reach it faster, you can spend crystals and of course, you have to buy it.

This game could not be popular because of that thing. Players feel bored while playing a time consumer game. If we want to be the top of leaderboards. At least, we have to buy many crystals from them. This is not a good idea to create an outstanding game.

Anyway, you should not worry about everything in the game. We have created a Battle for The Galaxy hack tool that it would help you to get crystals as many as you can but for the fresh account. We recommend generating just a few crystals. It is better than nothing. Once you have done using our generator. It can help you to get free diamonds.

We know it is hard to believe but if you do not play with many crystals you will not be listed as top players in this game. Many of them already use our generator. So you may give one shoot and check out what would you receive at the end of usage.


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