Cut The Rope Magic Review || The Magical Sequel From The Previous Series


Of course, everyone already knows about this game, right? Cut the Rope already become the heart of smartphone game. Since its first released on 2010 up until now, this one already downloaded by hundred millions of people and appeared on many video game consoles. To make this more awesome, the developer launched a new one called Cut The Rope Magic. Let us see the review of it immediately.


cut the rope magic gameplay

As for the gameplay is not really different from the previous series. You still need to guide Om Nom to get a candy Now, you need to prepare a good cutting skill to lead green blob creature to the candy. Each level features an interesting challenge which you need to solve within the time limit. If you failed to do it, you will face game over screen. There is five area available, such as Sky Castle, Mushroom Land, Magic Forest, Sea Kingdom, and Ancient Library. Each of them contains 15-22 levels. You and Om Nom together must solve all the puzzle to get back the candy.

New Features

cut the rope magic transformation

  • Transform Om Nom: If you get bored when playing with Om Nom, you can change its form. There are many forms you can choose from Dragon, Bird, Baby, and Mouse. Of course, the transformation will make help you to solve the puzzle in this game. Take an example of Bird Om Nom which can float on the breeze. You need to take advantages for each transformation.
  • New Levels: This game also created a new level. So, you will not get bored while playing it. At least there are 100 new levels in this game. And some of them only available when you purchase with real money.
  • New World Design: This game will focus on Magic World unlike the previous one. Meet the enemy and friends along your journey in this magical world. Prepare to solve all the magical puzzle.

The Good

  • It is a great idea to add a power-up which is Om Nom transformation
  • A new puzzle design (100 levels)
  • The graphics still colorful as ever

The Bad

  • The objective of the stage still the same like the previous game
  • Also, some stage only available through in-app-purchases. To make it even worse, the price is really expensive.


Cut the Rope Magic is one of the best game on the mobile. We find it accidentally when we looking for a new game on Play Store. Even though the gameplay does not change that much from the previous one. It is still the best one in our heart. That is all about Cut The Rope Magic review.


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