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dancing line beginners guide

Dancing Line indeed becomes the most complicated game which Cheetah (the developer) ever made. It is not like their usual rhythm game which everyone can enjoy. That is why all people race each other to learn more about this game. For that reason, we also make Dancing Line beginners guide. We already list the simple guide to help all of you immediately.

Energy System

dancing line songs cubes

This game features an energy system. In the beginning, you will receive 30 Energy Cubes. In order to get more either you reach the certain score in the stage or level up your character account. That is why you need to be cautious which song you are going to play. If you do not feel confident can finish the song, we recommend you surrender before you waste all your Cubes. Do not feel shame about running away. Sometimes, it is better to run rather than face a battle that already loses when you try it for the first time.

Practice More

dancing line practice

Before you play the song, you can train first. Take up this chance to know the song better. This is one of the keys to success. We are sure all of you think it will waste all your time. Even though the placement of the button will change when you play the real song, it is better than nothing. What you need to do in this practice is concentrate on the rhythm. If you know it, you will relax and enjoy the music and smash the button. In other words, this training will make you familiar with the song.

There is a Bug in the Game

Actually, we found a little bug in this game. When you play the song, sometimes the button will not appear. So, you will face game over screen instead. To make it worst, if you encounter this bug, all the songs you play will meet this end. There is an easy way to prevent that. Just close the completely, do not forget to close it on the background apps too. Start the game again and it will back to normal.

Keep Calm

Sometimes after you reach the certain point of the songs, the bitrate of the songs will increase. It means the line will move even faster. Of course, your hand also need to match the timing to press the button. We advise you to pause the game after the line moves fast for the first time to rest up a little bit. After you can concentrate again, play the game again. If you panic, it will not produce a good result.

Final Words

Playing this game is not easy as you think. Even though you are a hardcore gamer, this game still hard. But, you do not need to worry anymore, our beginners guide can help you to overcome that problem. Last but not least, for people who want an easy way to get extra cubes, our Dancing Line hack can help you.


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