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dancing line game review

After the success of Piano Tiles 1 and 2. Cheetah, the developer of this game want to add another new rhythm game. Unlike the previous game which uses Piano as the main theme, this newest game completely different from that. So, how about the gameplay and other features? Is it good or bad? Find out the answers in Dancing Line game review present by Igogam.

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dancing line gameplay

The big difference between the Piano Tiles and this one is in the gameplay part. Here, you need to follow the line to touch the button which appears on the screen. The line always moves, so if you fail to press the button when the line move to another place you will meet game over screen. The line in this game act as a time limit. As for us, Dancing Line has a complicated gameplay. That is why you need to learn how to master the control before going to the actual stage. Oh yeah if you want to unlock more songs, you need to keep playing until you level up. Some new features also unlock when you level up. Be sure to pick the songs which has the better EXP!


dancing line interface

  • New Songs Added to the Game. Actually, the songs from this game it is not really different with the Piano Tiles. It only gets a remix version. But the developer thinks it is not enough, that is why they add new songs (at least 50+)
  • Compete Against Another Player. Like always, you can compete with other players. Do you want to beat your friend and become the top scorer? You must learn how to play this game correctly.
  • Remix Music. Hear all the old songs which get a remix version of this game. Wear your headphone to hear the whole sound.


We do not have any problem with the graphics here. Even though it only uses 2D, the details are really something. The colorful graphics will make you calm when playing the game. The graphics are simple yet gorgeous.


Once again, Cheetah succeeds to create a beautiful rhythm game. We are sure all of you satisfied to play this game. If you ask us the score of the game, we will give it 8.0, this is a suitable score for an awesome game. Last but not least, we want to give you the special present for people who like to come to our website. Visit Dancing Line hack to get what you want immediately.


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