Dancing Line Tips || Useful Tips to Play the Game!

dancing line tips

After the popularity of Piano Tiles, Cheetah the developer of the game wants to make a new one entitled Dancing Line. The gameplay is really unique, you need to follow the line and tap the button which appears along the way. We can say the line is the time limit to touch the button which appears on the stage. Honestly, the game is quite hard if you do not unleash your true power. Because of that, we want to give you Dancing Line tips to make the game easier.

Play Without a Music

dancing line gameplay

Probably this is not the best method for people who played the game in order to enjoy the music in it rather than to obtain a high-score. Of course, we do not blame you for that matter. Believe it or not, if you want to focus, play without music is the best one. You can concentrate more to smash all button quickly.

Unlock More Songs

In order to unlock more songs, you need to reach a specific score. We are sure you will not notice this one because you keep playing and the songs unlock automatically. Unfortunately, it is not like that. That is why get a lot of scores is really crucial in a game like this.

dancing line stage

Do not Panic

Most people will go into the panic state when they see two buttons appear simultaneously. Keep calm and touch both buttons in the right order. Do not ever think you will fail. You can also train first before go the actual stage.

Energy System

This is what makes us hate smartphone game. The energy system is really annoying and prevents all of us to enjoy the game to the fullest. In this case, the cube is the main energy system in the game. In order to play the music, you need to sacrifice cubes. It depends on the music itself. Usually, it cost one cube but it can increase later one. Our tipĀ is you can watch a video to refill the energy once a day.


At the first glance, this game looks really simple, we are sure you think the same as us. But, after you played it, you will know how hard this game if you do not take it seriously. But, our tips above can help you to overcome the problem. Before we end it, we want to tell you a little secret. We offer you the greatest chance ever to get the unlimited currency with Dancing Line hack. if you are interested do not forget to visit.


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