Death Moto 3 Guide || How To Win the Race Easily!

death moto 3 weapon guide

This racing game is different from usual one. You can use a weapon in this game while racing. This is quite ridiculous but that is what makes this game looks awesome. For people who never played this one must have difficulties because NPC will hit you regularly while you have a hard time control your bike. Rest assured, our Death Moto 3 guide will help you to overcome that problem.

Use Nitro

One of the greatest feature in the game. In order to fully charge your nitro gauge, you need to hit your enemy. You need to keep hitting them to increase the gauge amount. In order to avoid an enemy attack, you need to use nitro as many times as possible. For you who want to become the champion, you need to take advantages of this one.

death moto 3 gameplay

Gun is More Effective

Rather than you blindly punch your enemy, just use a gun to shoot them from afar. In order to get an awesome gun, you need to buy it with coins. We are sure you know how precious this currency. But, it is worth to sacrifice in order to obtain a better weapon. Gun is really helpful to slow down your enemy. Unfortunately, it cannot make your enemy fall.

Use Melee Weapon in the Right Timing

Melee weapon tends to miss a lot. For your information the melee weapon in this game only a sword. We do not know why it is swing really slow. So, the enemy can avoid it easily. The power of this weapon is really spectacular if you manage to hit your enemy. You must train a lot to use this weapon effectively. One warning from us, do not forget to check your surroundings. Usually, there is an NPC which sneak behind you to slash your body.

death moto 3 weapon

Cancel Your Enemy Melee Weapon

In order to win a race in this game, you need to know how to cancel opponent melee weapon. Actually, it is quite easy. When the enemy swings their sword you can do the same to cancel the attack. Of course, you need to consider the timing. If you cannot match it, you are the one who loses the battle.


Now, keep pressing forward to become the best racer in the game. You do need to afraid anymore. If you have another problem again, do not hesitate to come back or you can use Death Moto 3 hack. What will you get from it? It is a secret. You need to open it by yourself.


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