Death Moto 3 Tips | Follow Our Tips and Become a Better Player

death moto 3 tips

Today, we are going to share you some Death Moto 3 Tips which will be very useful for all players in this game. We are sure enough that some players are having some difficulties while playing it because there are some things that they do not understand. That is why we give you these tips so you can understand more about the things that you need to do while racing. Now, without wasting a lot of time, let us check out the tips below!

Destroy the Opponents to Gain Nitro

Using Nitro during the race is really important as it will help us to chase our opponent easily and reach the finish line faster. But, it will run out by the time if we use it again and again. That is why we need to destroy our opponents to help us gain some Nitro. And it would be much easier for us to clear our mission.

Do the Combo

death moto 3 attack

In order to destroy the opponent, we need to reduce their health to zero. And in order to do that, we need to hit them by using our melee attack or a gun. But, using only one of them is not too effective because if we use the melee attack too often, we will get hit by the opponent as well. And if we use the gun too often, we will run out of it very fast. So, it would be better if we combine both of them. First, use the gun to reduce some of the opponent’s health before we finish them by using the melee attack.

Melee Attack Cheat

As we know that when we are using the melee attack to hit the opponent, we will receive some damage as well when they hit us back. But, there is a way to avoid their melee attack at the same time when we are hitting them. Just approach the enemy without passing them. Align your front wheels with the enemy’s rear wheels. Then, you can hit them without receiving any damage because their attack cannot reach you while yours absolutely can.

Focus on Upgrading Your Moto

death moto 3 upgrade

Do not ever think that upgrading the moto’s abilities is not important. It is absolutely wrong. The fact is that you can be better if you have upgraded all of your moto’s abilities. There are three categories that you can upgrade starting from the HP, Nitrous, and Speed. All of them are really needed and important for our progress in this game. That is why you need to upgrade them whenever possible.

Do not Forget to Buy a Better Weapon

When you figure out that it is more difficult to destroy the opponent then, it is the time for you to buy a new and a better weapon. Just for your information that the opponent will be getting harder and harder to beat if we do not have a better weapon. So, just go to the shop and buy the one that can help you to destroy the opponents.


That is all of the Death Moto 3 Tips that we can share for today. May all of those tips be really useful for you to improve your game. And as a bonus, we give you this Death Moto 3 Hack which can help you to gain a lot of Coins and Jewels really fast and easy. So, do not forget to try it and have a good game!


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