Digimon Links Review | The Best Digimon Game for Mobile


Digimon Links is the latest Digimon game that is available for the Android and iOS smartphone. This game is officially released on 2016 in Japan and in October 2017 worldwide. Surely, it is a really good game and we are sure that you will like it so much. We will find a lot of Digimon in this game with such an exciting and addicting gameplay. For further information, just take a look at our Digimon Links review.


digimon links gameplay

When we start the game, we will get three rookies Digimon for free they are Agumon, Tentomon, and Hawkmon. We will play through five different modes such as Advent Beginnings, Advent Quest Intro, Advent Quest, Normal Quest, and Daily Quest. We can also raise our Digimon from the lowest level into the highest one (start from in-training, in-training II, rookie, champion, ultimate, until mega) in order to clear all the quests. By playing on all those modes, we can get some elements that are used to evolve our Digimon.

Solo and Co-op Gameplay

digimon links co op

In each mode except the Advent Quest, all have a solo and co-op gameplay. If we play it solo, we will bring up to three Digimon into our team with one become a leader. The co-op gameplay is no different at all. The difference is, we can play it with the other players or our friends in one team.


digimon links mission

There are three different missions that can be cleared during the game such as Beginner, Daily, and Cumulative mission. The Beginner missions are available for the new players who just start to play this game. Then, there are Daily missions which we can clear every day. The missions will be reset after a day. The last, we have some Cumulative missions that will take a long time to be cleared. And all of those missions will give us a nice reward which will be useful to help our progress.

Graphics Aspect

Digimon Links uses a 3D graphics that of course, is really good to see. The Digimon looks so real and we can see the details of the environment that are very awesome as well. We can say that the graphics are quite similar to the Digimon game on a console. And we are sure enough that you will love the graphics so much.


This game is really good to play and we can guarantee it. It also has a lot of game modes that will not make us feel bored easily. And then, it is not only good for its gameplay but also its graphics. We highly recommend you to play this one and you will get addicted after you play it.


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