Doghotel Review || Take Care and Play with Your Beloved Dog!

doghotel review

For you who love a dog and cannot purchase one, you can play this game to make you satisfy. The game entitled DogHotel is the one which you need to take care your own virtual dog. Find it in the Play Store and download it for free. Do you want to know more about this? See DogHotel review to cure your curiosity about this game.


doghotel gameplay

Your main purpose in this game is to take care your DogHotel. Many dogs will come to your hotel and as a good caretaker, you need to welcome them with a warm hand. You need to give them a food when they hungry. Touch your dog to increase their affection for you. It is really cute to see the dog bark when you touch them. When you reach a certain level, you can teach your dog a new trick. For example, you can order them to sit if you already teach the trick. You will not get bored easily because there are many things to do in this game.

Challenge Mode

doghotel challenge mode

If you get bored to take care your dog. You can play a mini-game instead. You can bring one of your dogs to play it. Here, your dog needs to run away from the obstacles. It depends on you whether the dog success or not. That is why timing to touch the button is required in this game. You can also earn a great reward if you manage to complete each stage.

Graphics Quality

As for the graphics, we do not have any complaint. It is really great to see a beautiful 3D dog in this game. For you who aim to play simulation game with good graphics aspects, this is one of the best you can choose.

Pros & Cons


+ This game teaches how to take care your dog carefully

+ You can find many cute dogs

+ There is no complicated mechanism

+ Decorate your own DogHotel


– The cost to upgrade your building is quite expensive

– The connection of the game really bad even though you have full internet signal


This is a great simulation game indeed. We give 78 for the score. Hopefully, you already know the awesomeness of it. We also have a special present for you which is DogHotel hack. For people who have a problem to upgrade their building in this game, just use our tool to get free costs. Do not need to worry, this one 100% work without any problem.


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