DomiNations Tips and Tricks for Beginners

dominations tips and tricks

Hi, players, do you need some tips for this game? So, just check out DomiNations tips and tricks below in order to get some useful tips that you can apply to improve your game progress. These tips are made for all of the beginners out there who still confuse in playing this game. Now, don’t waste your time and take a look at the tips below.

DomiNations Tips and Tricks

Expand Your Territory

This is the first tips for DomiNations that you need to know. Before you can grow your village into a bigger one, you should expand your area first. As long as you make progress in this game, you will unlock more buildings and you have to leave some space for those new buildings. But, you cannot build it if you don’t have any space left. So, that’s why you need to expand your area in order to open more space for your buildings. Then, just cut out the forest around your base to make more free space.

Do an Exploration

After you have cleared the forest you will reveal some huntable animals, chests of Gold or even the ancient ruins which will provide you crowns. Doing the exploration is very useful to get you more resources. Now, let’s go to the next DomiNations tips.

Stay Focus on Building and Upgrading Things

Your main goal in this game is to develop your village into a bigger one. Moreover, if you are still new in this game. So, you need to build everything available such as the buildings, roads, and defenses. Then, you also have to upgrade them until they reach their maximum level. Try not to focus on you base design because it is not important at all especially because you are still at the very first stage.

Take Advantage from the Free Upgrade

In this game, you can fasten up your upgrade time if the upgraded thing just needs five or fewer minutes until it is ready. Doing this is quite helpful to make you progress faster. So, don’t forget to fasten it up if you have the chance because it is free.

Focus on Getting Resources

Focus on the Resources is the last DomiNations tips and tricks for today. Here, one of the most important things to make progress is the resources. The resources are used to do an upgrade on your buildings and defenses. You will get the resources from your production buildings, but it won’t be enough especially when you have a lot that needs to be upgraded. So, you have to attack and steal the others’ resources. And just focus on the resources and don’t mind about the Town Center.

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