Dragon Shadow Battle Warriors Battle Guide || The Best Way to Become Best Fighter!

dragon shadow battle warriors battle guide

If you want a similar feel like Dragon Ball game, we think this one is the best out there. We are sure everyone notices this one use a Dragon Ball character as the fighter in it. Even though this game looks quite ugly on the surface. We are sure you will change your mind when you play it. You can feel the greatest sensation of an action game. Enough for the chit-chat, let us go to the main topic which is Dragon Shadow Battle Warriors guide.

Who is the Best Character?

dragon shadow battle warriors best character

Most people ask this question frequently. And the answer there is no best character in the game. Every character can become the best if you use it correctly. In other words, it all depends on your skill to control your fighter how to attack and move correctly. So, we recommend use your favorite character and keep training.

Do not Attack First

When the battle begins, let your opponent attack you for the first time. You can either defend or dodge the attack. After that this is the real showdown, you can attack your opponent and unleash a skill to decrease their HP completely. If you attack first, there is a chance your opponent can counter it. That is why for the first you need to observe your opponent’s movement.

Time Limit

Each battle has a time limit. Watch out for the limit. Beat your opponent quickly as possible before the time over. For your information, if the time already up but you cannot beat down your enemy, you are the one who loses the battle. You can use an attack combo rather than a special skill because it will waste all your time to fill in the special gauge in order to unleash it.

Guard is the Best Offense

dragon shadow battle warriors battle gameplay

We are sure you ever heard that phrase before. Do not feel shame guard your opponent’s attack. Everyone has a different playstyle. As for us, we really like to guard a lot and counter the opponent’s attack when the time is right. Not only you inflict the higher damage but also you can save up your HP from opponent’s deadly attack. Just choose your best playstyle and keep training to improve it.


If you think an action game like this really hard, it is not unlikely to be true. But if you know the secret, you can play it easily. For you who have a hard time to collect the main currency of the game, we also provide you Dragon Shadow Battle Warriors hack to generate as much currency as you want. Of course, it is free.


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