Dragon Shadow Battle Warriors Review || The Cloning of Dragon Ball Game!

dragon shadow battle warriors review

Howdy guys? How are you today? As for us, we are in a good condition. Recently, we found a great fighting game which you can try. Do you ever hear about Dragon Shadow Battle Warriors? If the answer is no, we have the review of the game here. We will tell you a little information about the game, it uses Dragon Ball character in a shadow form. So, what kind of game this one? Find it out immediately!


dragon shadow battle warriors gameplay

Do not think about you see 3D character fight each other in open arena. This one use a 2D model character. And to make it worst, you can only a shadow character without any others colors. Of course, it does not make the game looks bad as you think actually. We can say for sure the game is quite great. You will fight one on one either with real player or NPC, the choice is yours. You can unleash ki skill and melee attack. To make it more complete, if you fill in the special gauge, this is the time for the special skill to shine. The gameplay is really simple, but it is really addictive. Try it immediately if you cannot believe us.


dragons shadow battle warriors modes

Unfortunately, this game does not feature many modes. In this game, you have normal battle, practice, survival mode, and the last one is a story mode. The best one is survival mode. You will fight against an unlimited enemy. The stage will not end until your HP drop to zero. Even though you win the match, your HP will not restore in the next match.  As for the rest of the modes, you can find the similar one in the fighting game.

Graphics Quality

There is nothing special in the game graphics. But, we know the developer wants to deliver the uniqueness of the graphics design. We think it is not a bad idea to make it like this.  Of course, there are some people who do not like very much. But, it is fine because many people have different taste.


That is about Dragon Shadow Battle Warriors review. If you ask us to give a rating, this game gets around 7,5. Even though it looks fun, later on, the game is repetitive without any new update. Before we say goodbye, we have a special present you can use if you have a problem. Here, we grant you the secret access to Dragon Shadow Battle Warriors hack. This one is free and you can use it anytime you like to generate unlimited coins.


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