Dragon Shadow Battle Warriors Skill Guide || Know Your Skill to Become the Best Fighter in the Universe!

dragon shadow battle warriors skill guide

Dragon Shadow Battle Warriors is the cloning of Dragon Ball game. We are sure the DB fans will like this one very much. As for us, this is a great game to play in our free time. Even though you can only see a shadow character fight each other, it does not become the obstacle for us to play it. Actually, the graphics design is really unique. Here, to make you understand the skill mechanism of the game, see Dragon Shadow Battle Warriors skill guide.

Skill Guide

There are three types of skill in this game, there are:

dragon shadow battle warrior ki attack

Ki Skill

We can say for sure this one is similar to magic. You can launch the attack from afar to destroy your opponent. In order to unleash the Ki attack, you need to have sufficient Ki gauge which you can see below your HP bar. Each time you unleash a Ki attack it will decrease. In order to refill the gauge, you need to use a normal attack or combo attack. Do not think to use this repeatedly. Even though it is really effective against the opponent, you still need to refill the gauge.

Example of Skill: Kamehameha, Ki Blast, Bing Bang Attack and so on.

dragon shadow batle warriors physical attack

Physical Skill

You can only use this skill in the short range. It means you must go near the opponent. If you use it correctly, it can deal devastating damage to your opponent. But, the combo to unleash the skill is complicated. You need to execute the button combo quickly. If you cannot do that, you only become the punching bag to the opponent.

Example of Skill: Kaioken (Power up your attacks and unleash a devastating combo)

Transformation Skill

It will let you transform your character. The first one is Saiyan transformation and monkey king. Only some character which can only transform into a Monkey King. We are sure you already which one. The best one is the Saiyan transformation which can double the power and unleash an ultimate attack.

Example Skill: The skill is same as Ki and Physical. The only difference in super Saiyan state, the power of the skill increase dramatically.

Final Words

You do not need to confuse to know the skill system in the game. Even though each skill has a different name, if you know the range to use the skill it is considered the same skill type. If you still have a difficulty in the game, this is the right time to use Dragon Shadow Battle Warriors hack. What will you get? Just open it to uncover the secret!


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