Farm Town Starter Guide || The Best Things You Can Do in this Game!

farm town starter guide

Another farming game on the smartphone. Also, the playstyle is not much different. Although there is no big difference it manages to captive everyone hearts to play it, we also included. To make this game more perfect, we offer you Farm Town starter guide. See it below for more information.

Never Leave Your Field Open

If you already sell your crops, plant a new one immediately. Never leave your field open. If you want to make more money and gain tremendous EXP you need to do this. If you want to become the great player, this is a great start. You can also choose the one which grows quickly, so you can sell it immediately. As for the one who has a slower growth rate, you can plant it later on if you cannot play the game for a long time or when you go to sleep.

Send Gift to Your Friends

If you have a lot of in-game friends, you can send a gift to them. You will receive one in return so do not need to worry. We also get a nice gift from our friends such as decorations, fuel and many more. Of course, you need to send it to your active friends. It is futile if they do not play the game anymore. So, you need to see the login session first.

Upgrade Your Farm

If you have enough materials to upgrade your farm, do it immediately. Not only increase the space to plant more crops but also you will get more experience points. You need to remember, each time when you obtain suffice materials, upgrade it immediately. You can also add a decoration to your farm to make it even prettier. We do not recommend to use rubies in order to upgrade your farm. Do not let your precious go away easily.

farmtown gameplay

Works on Your Friend’s Farm

The uniqueness of this game you can work on your friend’s farm. You will get a lot of money in return depend on your work. In order to do that, you need to apply a job to your friend. If they accept it, you can begin your work. This is one of the best ways to get a lot of money quickly. For people who do not have a lot of time to play this, you can do this method instead.


Hopefully, our starter guide helps all the people in needs. Before we end this, you can visit Farm Town hack to obtain free rubies. This is not dangerous at all, this is the safest tool to grant your wishes immediately. If you want to become the badass player in the game, this is the only way.


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