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farm town tips

Farm Town is a popular farming game on mobile. And for that reason, many players are downloading and playing it. But, some beginners are still confused about how to make a good progress in this game. That is why we are here to help you all by giving some Farm Town tips. With these tips, you will know the secret behind the success of some players in developing their farm.

Do Not Stop Planting

The first thing that all beginners should know is not to stop planting. In the beginning of the game, there are a lot of things that we should unlock and buy. That is why we need to collect a lot of experience points (XP) and Coins. And the easiest and the fastest way to get them is by planting a lot of crops.

Keep Producing Something

farm town production

As we already know that there are a lot of production machines which used to produce some goods. So, whenever we can produce something, do not hesitate to produce it as it will help us to gain more XP as well.

Sell Your Goods on the Fair

farm town fair

On our farm, there is a fair that can be used to sell some of the goods that we do not really need for this moment. We can sell almost everything there so make sure that you use it very often to help you to get some extra Coins.

Fulfill the Request Board

There is also a request board in our farm which used to receive some orders from other places. The request is different from one to another and it can consist of one or more goods on each request. And by fulfilling those requests, we will get not only Coins but also XP in a very large number.

Always Feed and Take the Product from Your Animals

In this farming game, there are several animals that can produce an important product such as the chicken who will produce an egg, the cow who will produce the milk, and much more. So, make sure that you always remember to give them food so they can produce the product again and do not forget to take it when they are ready.

Upgrade the Storage and Silo

farm town storage upgrade

Storage is the place to keep all of our things such as the product that we have made from the production machines and the tools to cut the trees and destroy the rocks. Silo is the place where we can keep our yields such as the vegetables and fruits. But, we can only keep some of them as the storage and silo cannot hold too many things at the beginning. That is why we need to upgrade them so we can keep more goods inside them.

Expand Your Farm

In order to place more buildings or production machines, we need to expand our farm first. And in order to do it, we need to fulfill all the requirements needed. Usually, we will need some Coins, ropes, and an axe to expand our farm.


So, what do you think about the Farm Town tips that we have shared above? Are they really helpful? We really hope that they can help you a lot. And do not forget to try Farm Town Hack Tool after you have read all the tips above. A lot of Coins can be generated easily by using our generator. Then, thank you for your attention and good luck!


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