Farming Simulator 14 Starter Guide || The Things You Should Know For the First Time!

farming simulator 14 starter guide

If you want to have a good start in a video game, read our Farming Simulator 14 is the best way for you. We are sure most users confuse in a game like this. Here, in this guide, we will tell you the objective of this game and another useful information which help a lot. What are you waiting for? C’mon let us see the guide together.

Build An Awesome Farm

Of course, the main objective of this game is to build your own farm. Unfortunately, you cannot decorate it completely like another farming game. But it is still awesome because of the good graphics quality which this one offers. Actually, you cannot do many things in this game. Your main activities in the game only take care your farm, crops it, and the last one sell it to make a lot of money to buy another farm field or upgrade your vehicle.

Upgrade Your Vehicle Frequently

farming simulator 14 upgrade

A vehicle in this game is the important factors. That is why you need to take good care of it. After you done with the farming session, do not forget to maintain your vehicle. If you do not do it, the performance will decrease dramatically and it will hinder your fieldwork. Also, if you have sufficient material and money, just upgrade your vehicle immediately before you use it to buy another thing. If you decide to do it, you can crops many vegetables quickly.

Hire Computer Assistant

farming simulator 14 crop

Later in the game, you can unlock a new feature which is computer assistant. It can help you with your works such as remind you of the season and the vegetable which ready to sell. Be sure to use this one if it is available.

Differentiate Two Markets

There are two markets in this game and each of them has a different function. The first one is Dynamic Market and the second one is Biogas Plant. If you want to sell wheat, corn, and other vegetables, Dynamic Market is the best place. You will get a higher price rather than in Biogas plant. And for the grass and chaff, you can sell both items in Biogas market. You must remember which items you want to sell to gain a maximum profit.


This game is kinda hard for the first time. After you see the starter guide from ours it will help you a lot to understand the game better. We almost forgot, if you have another problem such as the currency of the game, just use Farming Simulator 14 hack to get it. Rest assured it is free of charge.


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