Farming Simulator 14 Tools Guide || Find out the Function of the Tools!

farming simulator 14 tools guide

Farming simulator 14 indeed become the unique farming game. Usually, we will depend on a person to take care of our farm, this time we will use a machine instead. Is it hard to do it with a machine? Actually, it is not true, we think it is quicker and easier. Below we already provide Farming Simulator 14 tools guide to help you understand the function of it.

Tools Guide


The first useful tool in the game. If your vehicle already full of resources, you can put in on the trailer to resume your farming. Before that, you need to attach this tool to your own vehicle. You can but this one in the shop. Unfortunately, you do not get it for free.

Fertilizer Spreader

This tool the best one indeed. It can boost the growth rate of your plant. This tool is quite expensive, but it is important for you to make more money in the game. That is why when you have enough money, buy this one immediately.

farming simulator useful tool

Forage Harvester

Unlike the usually farming game, you can crop corn easily without an additional tool. This game is different. You need Forage Harvester to crop your corn, do not forget to upgrade your car before you can use it. Do not get mad guys, this game is really complicated. That is why you need to pay attention more.

Sowing Machine

If you feel lazy to plant your seed, just count on the Sowing machine. This one will do it for you automatically. What you need to put the seeds into this machine. Do not forget to refill it again if you want more resources. Once again, the shop is the best method get this.


If you curious how to take a grass and hay, we will tell you right now. We are sure you already try to pick a grass but your vehicle does not let you do that. You need a tool called Loaderwagon actually. This one will let you pick it up and sell it on the Biogas plant. You can upgrade this tool to increase the capacity of the resource you can pick.

farming simulator 14 farm tool

Final Words

We already listed the important tools which you need to have at all cost. It will help to progress faster in the game. If you think it is not enough, we can give you Farming Simulator 14 hack. You can guess what you will get from it. This is real guys, we never lie to you.


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