Genies & Gems Guide || Pass Through Each Stage Easily!

genies & gems tips

It is a dream of many people to pass through each stage in this game easily. Unfortunately, the game will not make your dream come true. This puzzle game is really hard, you need to think twice before moving your block. If you make a wrong move, it is hard for you to win anymore. That is why you can use our Genies & Gems guide to finish the stage easily.

Always Match Four or More Pieces

In this game, you cannot only match three pieces in order to win. You need to inspect the field. Which piece which have a great potential to give you a great score. Take your time to examine it. Do not need to be so hasty because this game does not have a time limit. But, you need to remember, you have limited move usage. If you have the chance, connect four pieces all together is a great idea to create a combo and get a better score.

Do Not Feel Shame To Retry

If you accidentally make a wrong move, retry immediately. If you continue, it will only make harder to select the suitable piece. That is why if you do not want to make this silly mistake, you need must concentrate more. We are sure you find the way if you keep inspecting the field.

Trigger a Line Breaker

We said before you need to match four pieces or more. This one is to trigger Line Breaker. This is a special power which appears if you manage to connect four pieces or more. The effect is really great, the horizontal piece around you will explode and give you many scores in the process. Be sure to take advantages of this power. We know it is not easy to do it and you need to practice a lot to make it happen.

genies & gems gameplay

Blocked Pieces

Sometimes you will find pieces which blocked. There are two things you can do, the first one destroys the blocked pieces or ignores it. If you think it is hinder your progress to become the winner, you must focus to destroy it immediately. If it is not, you can ignore it. The choice is yours. Do not select wrong choice guys.

Final Words

For you who have a hard time, you can use our guide to help you. We are sure it will help all people in needs. Feel free to ask a question about this one. Before we forgot you can use Genies & Gems hack to obtain free currency. This is a great way to get instant coins for free!


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