Genies & Gems Hack || Unlimited Coins on the Way (Tested)!

genies & gems hack

We proudly present you our latest work, Genies & Gems hack. At the first glance, this puzzle game looks really simple. But, if you played even more up to level 40 or more, you will feel the greatest sensation ever. The puzzle will get harder and most players get stuck because of it. As a good gamer, you can use our secret weapon to overcome your own problem.

Actually, coin in this game is not really useful for the first time. But, you will need it in the later stage. To keep your diamonds from decreasing, you can use our generator to get it everyday. Below are the important things you can do if you have a huge amount of coins.

Booster Items

This is the most important items in a puzzle game. Booster always helps all the player to overcome the hardest puzzle. Of course, you can get this one easily. For the normal player they will save up the booster but for the one who plays use a hack, they do not need to worry about that matter anymore. You can pass any stage you want without any problem.

Buy More Hearts

Hearts or also known as an energy system in this game. This is a mobile game and you have a limitation to play it. There is a way to overcome that matter. You can replenish the hearts with unlimited coins from ours.

Actually, in a puzzle game currency is not really that important. This is the trick created by the developer to earn more money through a simple game. As a smart gamer, you will use a hack tool to ease your problem immediately.  Now, you do not need to concern about your money problem.


Here, we will give you the comments from all users who already used the hack. For people who cannot believe it, you can open your eyes and trust us a little. We take the picture from the official fanpage. We do not edit the image. It is 100% original.

genies & gems hack proof

Most of the users succeed to generate free coins and become the king of puzzle game. How about you? We are sure you cannot wait anymore to use the tool. Relax guys, you need to follow the steps below to use it.


Click the blue button above to begin the hack

genies & gems connect button

In the hack page, click the connect button

genies & gems currency

Select the currency amount. Do not choose the highest amount for the first use. It will not work properly

genies & gems account information

Write down your ID and device platform. Check it again for a typo

genies & gems loading information

Do not close the browser yet. You need to wait until the loading bar maxed out

genies & gems verification

Fill in the verification. It only identifies you as a human or robot users. It will prevent high traffic access

genies & gems donation

Finally guys! Do not forget to donate if you want. Open your game and check the currency

If you are not satisfied, we still have tons of game hack on our website. Be sure to take a look

Final Words

What do you feel after getting the free resources without any single penny? Of course, you will feel happy about it. Okay guys, you already know Igogam is one of the best websites to provide you with game information.


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