Genies & Gems Review || Play This Addictive Puzzle Game Immediately!

genies & gems review

Matching puzzle game indeed become the iconic game on the smartphone. We can find tons of puzzle game on that device. For people who confused which one is the greatest one, we can recommend you one of them. Try Genies & Gems, you will not regret for sure. So, what is the best aspect about this if we compared with another puzzle game? Check out Genies & Gems review immediately.

The Gameplay

Practically, this one has the same gameplay like a usual puzzle game. You still need to match 3 or more gems to gain score. You already know the reason why we need to collect a score. We do not need to answer that. Do not forget the booster item which can help you on the stage. What we like from this game is you get one booster item at the start of the stage. Of course, you can also buy it to help you in a pinch.

Story Mode

Unlike the usual puzzle game which does not have a story. This one will tell you the journey of Jenni and Trix in order to get a treasure. You will notice each time the stage end, you will a little story about this game. This is one of the unique aspects of the puzzle game. Even though the gameplay is same. The developer inserts a little story which makes this interesting.

genies & gems gameplay


We really like the effects which appear in the game. It is really colorful like fireworks. For people who like a colorful game, this one might satisfy your needs. Unfortunately, the graphics use 2D rather than 3D. We are sure it is quite unique if the developer implemented 3D quality in a puzzle game. But we think the graphics already good.

The Score


Unfortunately, we cannot give a higher score because of the gameplay aspect. It is practically a copy of another puzzle game only with different character and game title. Although it has the same gameplay, everyone can enjoy it without any problem especially the story mode. If you curious, try the game right away


If you decide to play the game, download it for free on the Play Store. What are you waiting for? Try it before you regret it. We also present you Genies & Gems hack to help you in the game to obtain unlimited currency through our tool. Do not need to thank us, it is already normal to help each other.


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