Godus Review | A Unique Simulation Game for Mobile

godus review

A game with a simulation genre is very popular up until now. There are so many games with this genre on mobile nowadays. But, from so many simulation games, there is one which is quite unique entitled Godus. And in this occasion, we would like to discuss it in Godus review so you can know more information regarding this game.


Here, we are about to play God to rule the world in this game. We will have some followers who will count on us in helping them to live their life. We need to help them by clearing the landscapes so they can find a better living place and build a new civilization.

godus gameplay

At first, we only have to followers. But, the number will increase as the time goes on especially after we have built more houses which can increase the number of our followers. Do not happy too soon because our followers will also decrease if we cannot manage them well, they will turn from us and they will leave the village.

Then, in order to build the village, we need the followers to do the job. We can ask them to work to build the things needed in the village such as houses, fields, and much more. But, they have a stamina which will decrease by the time. So, we need to make sure that we do not ask them to work really hard.


For this aspect, we can say that it is quite good actually. This game uses the 3D graphics which is not too spectacular but still can be enjoyed. But, the environments around are very details. The trees, the sea, and much more are quite outstanding. We are sure that you will love the graphics so much.


There are some good things that we can get from this game. The first one is that it is so educated and addictive to play. We will not get bored easily while playing it. The second. it has a gameplay which is quite easy to understand so we will not get confused at all. The last, with a nice graphics like that, will make us love this game even more.


Beside of the good things, there are also some of the bad things in this game. First, it is not easy to develop the village. We need some followers to do it and if we do not have enough, it will take a long time to make a huge development. Then, about the stamina of the followers. It is quite hard to keep their stamina full. And when they lost all of their stamina, they cannot work anymore to build the village.


That is enough for today’s Godus review. We have shared all the information that you need to know about this addicting simulation game. May┬áthe information above can be useful. And before you leave, you need to check this Godus Hack. You will get a lot of free Gems if you visit that link.


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