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godus tips

This game really inspiring. It tells us how civilization manages to live a long time ago. Even though this game uses a classic theme, the gameplay uses a modern playstyle which keeps all the players play this game non-stop because of the addictiveness. At the first glance, this game looks really easy but it is not true actually. You will know when you play this one. In case you have difficulties, we created Godus tips which you can follow to ease your problem.

Boost Your Worker

The important thing in this game without a doubt is your worker. You need to boost them if you have the chance. If you do not do it, they will loaf around. If you keep boosting them, they will work diligently. Also, it will increase their stamina. Even though you lost some of your money it is worth the effort.

godus gameplay

God Seed

This is an important item to make your citizen happy. If their affection decrease, they will turn you and your village will empty. In order to prevent that, you need an item called God Seed. But, you need to sacrifice some of your gems in the process. You need to think it twice. It will make your citizen happy all the time. Remember, the effect only temporary, you need to use another one to make it long lasting.

Build Houses in the Beginning

For the first time you play the game, we recommend to build as many houses as possible. Of course, the function to increase the population of your village. If you do not have enough house, there is no citizen who wants to walk in your village. If you want to increase your village fame, you need to do this at all cost. Attract another people into your village is the key to play this game.

Hunt a Treasure Chest

If you manage to find a butterfly, it means there is a treasure chest nearby. You need to focus on that area. Search all the field if possible. Do not need to worry, you can still get this chest everyday. That is why you need to keep your eyes open all the time. You need to be quick or the butterfly will go away along with the treasure.


That is the useful tips which you can follow when playing Godus. Of course, there are many guides out there but we list the most important one. If you have a question about this, just write down your problem in the comment box below. We have the last present for all the players, visit Godus hack in order to obtain a lot of gems.


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